Nokia N95 – A Complete Multimedia Widget

Nokia mobile phones make it easy when the potential users are looking for special requirement of advanced multimedia capabilities and fast connectivity options. The Nokia N95 is one of the best handsets from the lineage of Nokia. With its massive memory multimedia functionalities and intuitive designing this 3G enabled smartphone surpasses all its contemporaries. This device is highly enviable as it comes with a unique and stylish look. The two way slider phone weighs 120 grams and gives solid and sturdy looks. The attractive mid-sized phone manages to fit in almost everyone’s pocket as it measures 99 mm in height, 53 mm in width and 21 mm in thickness which is considered as a good size for any 3G touchscreen phone.

The two-way slider opening mechanism of the handset oozes the users with style and substance. The attractive slider of the handset can be opened in either way. As a matter of fact, the upward slide provides ergonomic keypads while the downward slide is enriched with a set of multimedia controls. The phone in the closed position provides access to navigation and shortcut keys. The wide screen of the phone measures 2.6 inches in size that shows a perfect combination of 16 million colours. The wide TFT screen is good for operating high-end operations as well as viewing multimedia content such as images, videos and text.

A built-in ergonomic keypad allow the users to access connectivity features across the globe. The quad band enabled phone ensures continuous telephonic connectivity with friends and family members. The Nokia N95 is not only a communication device, but also much more than it. As a matter of fact, this device is loaded with advanced camera features, music player and Java embedded games. An integrated 5 megapixel camera is backed with some of the highly used imaging features such as digital zoom Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar Lens, autofocus and flash. Moreover, with the help of video recorder one can easily record interesting expressions and images of the life. This high-profile imaging feature promises to deliver real images with excellent perfection on each and every click of the users. In addition to video clips and images, the camera provides the users to record active moving footage on various popular video formats. The built in second CIF camera can be used for participating in real face-to-face video calling.

Without making a call the users can connect with near and dear ones. Thanks to the high-end features such as Push-to-Talk and a wide range of messaging modes such as SMS, MMS, E-mails and instant messages. On the musical front, the handset is backed with advanced music features such as stereo FM, visual radio and music player. The music player supports music on various popular music formats including MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC and WMA.

Therefore it can be said that the Nokia N95 is a multimedia device that is splurge with communication and entertainment features. Apart from that, handset comes with 100MB of internal dynamic memory which can be easily expanded by using memory card slot. The massive memory of the N95 allows the users to store the varied content pertaining to images, video and text.

The 3G technology in the Nokia N95 8GB is bestowed with extraordinary high-end connectivity options. This phone is backed with advanced technologies such as EDGE, HSCSD, and HSDPA which ensure the users to experience seamless connectivity. The wireless Bluetooth and cabled USB port 2.0 are well known for high-speed data transfers among other compatible files.

The WAP, xHTML and HTML Internet browser allow the users to access access Internet application at any time on their 3G enabled smartphone. Another important feature of the N95 is its built-in GPS which keeps the users on the right route, while going on unknown destinations.

To conclude, it can be said that the N95 keeps it users enriched with advanced features, even when they are on the move.