Finding Real Estate Brokers/Agents: Where and How

While it is true that real estate agents get most of the work done in real property transactions, the issue is where and how to find a dependable broker. It does not matter if the agent does not work in a big real estate company. What is important is that he is trustworthy, knows his work and deals with his clients professionally. Following are the various ways as to where and how can you find a real estate agent.

First, you need to understand what the terms realtors and real estate agents mean. Realtors refer to licensed brokers or agents who can sell real estate properties. However, not all agents are Realtors. The latter are members of the National Association of Realtors. They follow their Code of Ethics consisting of 17 articles and essential standard principles of practice. This code sets their levels of conduct, which is superior to the norms stipulated by law or of the normal business practices. They can also show off their RealtorĀ® logo.

Get referrals. Once a buyer is satisfied with the performance and assistance given by an agent, this buyer will surely refer the agent to his friends, family, co-workers, etc. Therefore, these people are your sources for finding an agent. An ideal agent will work at his best to satisfy the needs of his client. Look for an agent who will attend to your needs promptly.

The Internet. Your other source is the Internet. You can search for agents’ listings on the Web. However, there is no guarantee that those listed are efficient and reliable. Most of these agents have paid for the small advertisement that is shown on the web site. Your best alternative is to Goggle and look for the best real estate companies in your locality. Visit their websites and check on the profiles of their agents. Check on customer reviews and comments.

Be present during Open Houses, as this gives you the opportunity to mingle and meet several real estate agents. You can make some inquiries, get their business cards and write some notes about them.

Check on “home for sale” signs in your neighborhood. List down the agent’s name and the contact numbers and indicate when the sign was posted. Check if the name and numbers are the same. Through this, you can evaluate which agent has the most sales and this could be your lead. An agent whose post is easily replaced could mean that he is the person you need.

Check your Sunday’s newspaper classified ads. There are two reasons why real estate agents make use of advertisements. One is to announce homes for sale and two is to endorse the real estate broker. Check on agents’ websites and inquire about their experience.

Request for recommendations from the experts. You can ask for referral from other real estate agents. These people help each other in the business particular if your need is beyond their line of expertise. A few agents are more focused on home resales while some are focused on new homes. Still others are focused on commercial properties. You can also get referrals from mortgage brokers.