How To Hypnotise Someone – Learn What It Is Really All About

When people think about hypnosis, people will often voice a number of fears. So when learning how to hypnotize someone one needs to be aware of the range of common fears that people might have and be able to address them thoroughly before doing the hypnosis. The vast majority of hypnotists will tell you that they spend a significant amount of time with these people “debunking” the numerous myths that surround the art of hypnosis. The range of “fears” or questions that people will raise with the hypnotist tend to be in relation to “being out of control” or, “being in the control of the hypnotist” and being made to walk like a duck or quack like a chicken, a fear of disclosing very personal details or a fear of being “stuck” in hypnosis for ever. The reality is, that chickens, don’t quack!!!

The question of learning how to hypnotise someone is an elusive one to a lot of people. So many people have a misinformed opinion of hypnosis and it is due largely to the fact that it has been badly portrayed in the media, largely through stage shows and strange scenarios dramatised in television and in movies. As a consequence a lot of people are afraid of it because they have that misconception that the only reason that people are hypnotized is so that they can be told to cluck like a chicken. The reality is that all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. A person cannot be hypnotized against their will and cannot be “made” to do anything that is against their ethical, moral or spiritual value system. Nor will they “reveal” any deep dark secrets that they don’t want anyone else to know about and they will not stay stuck in hypnosis should the hypnotist forget to “emerge” them.

The hypnotic state is essentially a “brain wave” related state. When fully conscious we are producing Beta brain waves. A light “hypnoidal” state is an Alpha brainwave state and it is something we all experience every day, such as when we go into and out of sleep or when we are daydreaming. Have you ever had the experience of becoming so totally absorbed in a book or a movie or a hobby that you enjoy, to the point of not being responsive, even to someone calling your name. That is because you are essentially in hypnosis which can be defined simply, as a state of focused concentration. So the process of learning how to hypnotise someone, is to become skilled at inducing that focused state.

There are a variety of methods of helping a person attain that focused state we call hypnosis. . Hypnotists refer to this process as ” Induction”. So learning how to hypnotize someone means that you will need to learn inductions and preferably a number of them.

There are three main styles or groups of inductions and each of the main groups has several techniques. The main groups are: The Instant induction, the rapid induction and the progressive muscle relaxation induction.

Instant Induction: This method produces a trance state literally in seconds and is favoured by the stage hypnotist. Instant induction techniques are simple to master, with practice and an air of confidence. Acquiring this skill is very useful for any one learning how to hypnotize someone.

Rapid Induction: A rapid induction induces a trance state in about 7- 10 minutes. It is most often in clinical hypnosis, such as in the office of a psychologist. A rapid induction employs a series of short direct commands designed to help a person into that hypnotic state.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Induction: is an early form of induction. It is sometimes used for those who find it difficult to relax. It takes more time than the other forms of inductions. It is a good induciton to learn for those just starting out in learning how to hypnotise someone.

It is important for someone learning how to hypnotize someone to know as many inductions as possible as it affords the hypnotist a wide range of options as not everyone who is hypntoised responds to the same type of induction.


Once someone is in trance, the next stage is to “deepen the trance”. This involves helping the person move into the slower brain wave states (low alpha, theta and high delta) wherein they are more open to the suggestions being offered. There are several techniques involved in this process. A simple example is to have the client imagine that they are at the top of a staircase and as they descend step by step they go “down” into a deeper state (of concentration). A simple counting methodology, 10 down to 1, one step descent per number, will facilitate the deepening process. The range and variety of deepeners is endless.

Use of the hypnotist’s imagination can facilitate any number of such deepeners and the effects will be enhanced by appropriate use of the voice: tone, pace of delivery, choice and use of language and so on. All of this can be further developed by the person learning how to hypnotize someone using the breath as a guide to pace the delivery of the deepener: the hypnotist initially matches the delivery of the deepener to the client’s breathing rate and then begins to slow the pace of delivery and the client subconsciously matches the pace of the hypnotist ‘s delivery, thereby “breathing” their way into the deepening process. This is called pacing and leading.

Other techniques such as “fractionation” (deepening in stages) are also employed to good effect, and this is an easy process to learn for those wanting to learn how to hypnotize someone.

Hypnosis is used therapeutically by psychologists and some medical doctors and is useful in treating such things as Chronic pain, Irritiable bowel syndrome (IBS), Depression, Anxieties and Phobias to mention but a few conditions. It is also used to prepare patients for sugery and some surgery is done under hypnosis with no anaestheisa used at all.

This book is a useful introduction to the world of hypnosis if you want to learn how to hypnotise someone.

Surviving The MLM Work From Home Learning Curve

It’s been 30 years since I began my search for a different way in life, trying to ditch the traditional 30-30 plan. The plan of working 30 years for someone else and having to live my life on some else’s terms just didn’t resonate with me.

While remaining in the traditional work force for some 30 years and finally breaking free from that to become my own “boss” I have had some unique experiences ranging from external factors to what it takes within that I would hope will help you along you’re way to becoming the entrepreneur that you desire to become.

I’ve been involved with many different companies over the past several decades and during most of that time have never been able to put all of the pieces together to make what I would consider a success story by any means. Coming from a true blue collar environment I have never had any kind of exposure to running a real business.

I was always taken back by all of the success stories in the work from home industry and always left wondering if this is so easy why are there not cities filled with people working for themselves, people who are living the life of their dreams.

I soon learned the people these companies would promote as their success stories came mainly from a business background or several yrs in college or both which in many cases gave them some advantage in becoming a successful entrepreneur, or so I thought.

I was reading through some of my material just recently and came across a message that I had read several times before which reads “When the student is ready the teacher will come” and it reminded me of the many times that I sat and wondered why others are so successful while others are not.

There are multitudes of books and CD’s that can be purchased today and I have purchased my share. Now here is where I would hope that my experience may be a lesson to some because as I have also read “A smart person learns from their mistakes but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others”.

Only after reading and re-reading so many books like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, as well as many others there was some qualities that every successful person has that the rest of the population does not incorporate into their thinking when starting a business.

Many people start a home based business and whether it’s a M L M or direct sales or even a service oriented business are told that they can buy some books and CD’s and whatever marketing material that company XYZ has available for them and bingo, they’re in business and they sit back and wait for the money to come pouring in, after all this is what their up line has sold them on.

I see this all over the internet as well and distributors with good intentions trying their hardest to convince their friends and family that they’re going to be the next millionaire in the family, I know this because I was once one of those people.

Now this may sound to some people reading this that this is a lot of old news and it may very well be, but this article is not meant to be a resource for those already successful but rather to help the people who are striving to make a better life for themselves and need a little direction and insight, so to all of the successful folks out there, congrats, I applaud you and wish you continued success, after all that is what I want to see for the people who have yet to experience success in the work from home industry.

Now on to the meat of matter. As I have mentioned I have read countless books and listened to just as many CD’s and if any one thing will stand out that will be a true indicator of what helps anyone become successful it’s the continued consumption of information. I have in the past and will continue to feed my mind with quality information.

The one thing that I see is a common denominator with all successful people is that they never stop learning and neither should you. Another quality that successful people have is that they are very clear as to what it is that they want to achieve. Once this is established they go about writing it down and formulating a plan to go about getting it.

Being very clear as to what it is you want to achieve is the single most important thing you need to do before attempting anything else. Next you will need to know how you are going to get there. This is also an important item to have written down also this is where the books and CD’s come in handy, keep a journal of the things that you do and need to do and hold yourself accountable. There is nothing worse than setting your site on a goal and 2-3-4 months down the road you realize that you’re stuck in the same spot with very little or no gain.

If anything will take you to the top its action and as one of my favorite motivational speakers Anthony Robbins puts it, “Take Massive Action”. Most people will go through all of the material that they received from the company, get excited and make an attempt to market whatever the product is and after a few rejections decides that it won’t work and give up. Even worse will do the rinse and repeat with a couple of more companies repeating the same actions as before and getting the same results.

This is where I had my breakthrough. A person that is the head of leadership and development with the company that I represent told me that to have what I’ve never had I need to do something that I’ve never done and become the person that I’ve never been. I needed to become a leader. The #1 demon that derails people from attaining their goals is fear. Fear of doing something that you’ve never done before. It paralyzed my mind for years until my desire to have what I’ve never had before became greater than my fear of success.

Make no mistake here. The people out there that you see on stage getting an award for top sales or reaching a milestone with their organization are just like you. They started out with the same fears and concerns that you have. The difference being they worked through their fear, they had a vision and were willing to see it through.

Did this mean that they didn’t encounter troubles along the way. No, they have had the same struggles that any person would have. The difference being their dreams and desires were big enough to carry them through the tough times. I need to tell you that I felt that there were times when I could not get through it and almost gave it up. The thought of having to change what I knew I had to change was a tough nut to crack. But the thought of remaining where I was created more pain for me than going forward.

I would say to you that if you’re not getting the results that you want maybe the answer is not too far off. I have found that when I was searching for the answer and became the most frustrated that the answer showed up shortly afterwards. Remember that the only way to lose is to quit.

There is a reason you’re looking to change your life. Make that reason so big in your mind that it dwarfs anything that may stop you from reaching that goal. Make it your sole purpose in life. Read and listen to all you can in the way of books and CDs. Always be feeding your mind with quality content.

In Summery

  • Get Clear On What It Is You Want
  • Write Your Vision Statement – Life The Way You Want It
  • Write Your Goals Out
  • Make A Plan And Yes”Write It Out”
  • Read And Learn All That You Can
  • Never Give Up

In ending I would invite you to visit me on the web. I am putting together a site that is designed to help people stay in the game and achieve their goals. You can click the link below and let me know what you think.

Until next time I wish you all the best in your quest for a better life

Your First Step to Success Is Action

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